Partner Of Record

What is a Partner of Record?

A Partner of Record is your trusted Office 365 subscription advisor and partner.

Only Microsoft Online Services Partners are able to be selected as a Partner of Record – this is because these partners have proven knowledge of the many plans available to you and can advise on the most suitable plan for your requirements.

A good Partner of Record will be able to select a plan that gives you all the services you require while still saving you money and allowing you room to grow.

Do I have to have a Partner of Record?

No.  Selecting a Partner of Record is completely optional.

Why should I select a Partner of Record?

Your Partner of Record is there to assist – right from the planning stage through deployment and beyond.  They should be your first port of call if you have any questions about your subscriptions or service.

And because they know your business they can help you quicker than contacting Microsoft direct.

Why should I select Hill Data Systems as my Partner of Record?

Whoever you select as your Partner of Record, Microsoft will pass on to them a small percentage of your subscription fee to enable them to offer you additional services. It doesn’t cost you anything extra and it doesn’t mean the Partner of Record can access your data, but it does mean that the Partner can offer you that little bit extra.

Here’s what you get if you select Hill Data Systems as your Partner of Record:

  1. Office 365 Expertise
    We’re experts in Office 365 and specialise in providing best of class support for Start-Ups, Micro, Small and growing businesses.
  2. Free 5 Minute Support
    If you have an issue or a question and it takes us 5 minutes or less to resolve it from beginning to end then we won’t charge you a penny!

How do I add Hill Data Systems as my Partner of Record?

To add us as your Partner of Record:

  1. Log into the Office 365 portal (
  2. Click Licensing in the left hand menu
  3. Click the name of one of your subscriptions
  4. Click Add on the right hand side under Partner Information
  5. In the partner ID box enter 3029387 and click Check ID
  6. This should verify as Hill Data Systems Limited
  7. Click OK