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Daily Health Checks

Daily Health Checks - IT for Growing BusinessesThe problem with starting and growing your own business is that you’ve got a thousand-and-one things to be thinking about and if your IT equipment isn’t spitting out errors every few seconds you probably don’t give it a second thought.

But what happens if you’re in the middle of that important proposal or contract that you’ve been working on for weeks and all of a sudden your laptop sticks its feet in the air.

You could always try turning it off and on again, but by this time it could be too late and you’ve lost hours of work.

Even worse, your hard disk might have failed and the computer won’t reboot again.  Now what?

Well… you could call out your IT guys, but that’s going to cost – and will likely take some time to resolve.

As with most things, prevention is better than cure.  if you’d been warned a couple of days ago that your hard disk was close to failure you’d have time to save your work somewhere safe, get the issue resolved and still get that proposal away on time.

So, how about your Windows Updates?  Are you up-to-date with all those critical Microsoft updates?  Is your Adobe reader up to-date with it’s critical updates?  Even if your machine is up-to-date, are your staff keeping their machines up-to-date?

How about your antivirus?  Is that up-to-date?

It’s surely better to be warned that an issue may occur than to be in the middle of that proposal when disaster strikes!

There’s a lot to think about to keep your PC, Mac or laptop healthy and secure – and a good place to start is to know what needs doing, what is likely to fail soon and not having to lift a finger to find out.

Workstation Daily Health Check - IT for Growing Businesses.Our Daily Health Check service for Workstations (PCs, Macs, Laptops) and Servers will check the general health of your machine(s) every day.  We’ll even send you a daily (or weekly if you prefer) email detailing any issues that were found.  If any issues are found we’ll get in touch as soon as they’re identified to advise the best course of action to remedy it before – often before you’ve even noticed that there’s a problem.

The best thing about this service?  It costs just £1+ VAT per workstation per month.

How’s that for peace of mind and wallet?

To find out more – or to sign up – contact us today on 01722 448888 or email hello@hilldatasystems.co.uk

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Office 365 Gets Revised Pricing

In case you haven’t already noticed, Office 365 has had it’s UK pricing refreshed for the “E” Plans…

So, the entry level E1 plan is now just £5.25 per user/month (was £6.00).  This puts it a mere £1.25 per user/month more expensive than the P plan which remains at £4.00 per user/month.

The E1 plan includes:

  • Active Directory integration
  • 24/7 support from Microsoft
  • Enterprise grade Email, Calendar, Contacts with Exchange Online
  • 25GB mailboxes
  • Colaboration with SharePoint online and Instant Messaging
  • Instant messaging, presence and online meetings with Lync Online
  • AntiVirus & Antispam filtering for email and sites
  • License rights to access on-premise Exchange/SharePoint and Lync Servers.

The E2 plan is now £9 oer user/month and includes everything in the E1 plan plus:

  • Office Web Apps (Word/Excel/PowerPoint and OneNote on the web)

(I think the E2 will remain relatively unloved – it needs more to diferentiate itself if customers are going to fork out the extra £3.75 per user per month)

My favoured plan – the E3 plan now comes in at a tantalising £13.25 per user/month and frankly – at that price I think it’s a bit of a steel!  It includes everything on the E1 & E2 plan and adds:

  • The complete Office Professional Plus (the client version).  Yes, that’s right  – all E3 subscribers get install rights for the current and all future Office Pro Plus version for the duration of their subscription.
  • SharePoint Online gets enhanced with Visio Services (for visualising data and workflows)  and Access Services (for web based database functionality)
  • Unlimited e-mail storage.  Yes I did say unlimited.  Your Exchange Online mailbox will still hold 25GB of data, but you have as much archive storage as you want for all those old e-mails you just can’t bring yourself to delete!

And finally, the E4 plan is now cheaper than the E3 plan was:  Just £14.50.

E4 adds full enterprise voice capabilities to Lync Server on-premise.

As you probably gather, I normally recommend the E1 or E3 plans to customers and this new pricing is pretty compelling.

Please get in touch if you want to know more about Office 365, would like us to assist with your Office 365 trial (or set one up for you), or would like us to support/assist with your existing Office 365 deployment.

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