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Covid-19 update

If you are a micro or small business and have questions about home working, VPNs, video conferencing or other ways technology can help your business then please get in touch.

We're here to help you get through this.

A little about Hill Data

Hill Data Systems was founded during 2010 in Salisbury (Wiltshire, UK) to assist start-ups, small and growing businesses to get the most out of their IT budget.

Simply put, we supply and support the technology that powers your business.

But let’s face it – you don’t care about that.  You have a business to run and the IT keeps breaking, getting in the way, costing too much or – worse still – it feels like the IT is steering your business rather than driving it.

But it's really about you

We specialise in providing IT services for businesses just like yours. Your success fuels our success, and we live to deliver affordable, reliable and relevant services that enable you to concentrate on your business and not your IT.

We're based in Salisbury, Wiltshire, but no matter where you are, we can assist: 98% of support issues can be handled remotely (it keeps everyone’s costs down) but if a site visit is needed - and we can't get to you in person - we can call on engineers across the country.

Services that work for you

We have dedicated ourselves to gathering together all the IT services that a small or growing business may need. The idea is simple: if you have any technical requirements at all, call us and we'll help. 

We can help with IT support (Windows, Macs, servers et al,) phone systems, printers, broadband, leased lines, switches, routers, 4G failover for your network, fibre & network cabling installations, CCTV, access control and much, much more.

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